Change is a constant – it is automatic and we don’t need to do anything for it to happen – progress is a different story. Pablo supports people and organizations, guiding them with tools and processes that allow them to grow and evolve.

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“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Albert Einstein, 1946

1-on-1 Mentoring

A great guide, a coach or a mentor is a critical space to further our development, implement anything we are up to and give us the greatest opportunity to accomplish it. 


Sometimes we have to step outside of the world we are in to be able to see it. Intensive programs allow participants to deprogram and reprogram with powerful tools to accelerate our growth and development.

Pre-recorded Courses

Convenient to access anytime and affordable, these online offerings provide you with insights and tools to speed up what you are up to. 

Live Online Support Structures

Just as you won’t get abs by going to the gym twice, creating new pathways and generating breakthrough results take training, discipline and practice. See what’s available to integrate the work you begin in an Intensive, in order to deepen and strengthen what you have begun.

Knowledge alone, without execution, is nonsense.

Pablo uses a unique approach, which combines different disciplines, language, sound, music and movement to transport participants into a world of effectiveness, freedom, self-expression and peace of mind. Clients elevate their frequency by accessing what is true in their hearts, granting space and discovering a whole new level; one where life just works.

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See if you can SEE...

Images, memories and moments in time that become parts of our journey.

An ordinary life, lived extraordinarily.

You can start your journey today, it will take what it always takes – action!

A little about Pablo

Pablo moved to Miami from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1998, with a Presidential Scholarship from his native Argentina, to pursue a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy at the University of Miami’s prestigious Frost School of Music.

A saxophone player since the age of 12, with a passion for making a difference with people, Pablo worked for over 10 years in Mental Health at Jackson Memorial Hospital as a Senior Music Therapist and taught Clinical Music Therapy at University of Miami while at the same time performing around the world as a touring musician, and recording for renowned artists.

In 2011 he founded Litus Music LLC, one of Miami’s top talent agencies, specializing in live music entertainment and performance art.

Pablo has been leading personal growth and development programs as a senior faculty member for Landmark Worldwide, a leader in the personal and professional training and development industry, and guiding people in their personal transformation for more than 15 years. Pablo was one of 24 people in the world to lead Advanced Programs for Landmark Worldwide.

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A little more about Pablo

Pablo lives in Miami, Florida with his wife, Amy. They have three children, Tiago (19), Francesca (18) and Mateo (10). They love to paddleboard, play music, practice yoga, travel, spend time eating delicious food with good friends and volunteer with

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